Our Commitment: COVID-19 (coronavirus)


Tim Dahle Auto Group is committed to providing an environment that adheres to the sanitary recommendations of public health officials and government leaders.


In doing so, we have required Tim Dahle Auto Group employees to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) social and sanitary guidelines.

We have implemented the following procedures:


Every three hours sanitize and disinfect contact surfaces throughout dealerships;
Employees to wash their hands and avoid touching face;
Adequate hand sanitizer throughout the dealerships;
Social distancing practices, including no handshakes and avoidance of personal space when possible;
Employees who feel ill, we have asked to stay home.
In order to protect our customers, we are offering options for reduced human contact touchpoints, which include:


Digital test drives via FaceTime, Skype or a recorded video of extensive test drives;
Delivery test drives to your home or place of occupation (cars will be disinfected and sanitized to a CDC approved level);
Purchase transactions with minimal face-to-face human contact.
** if you are interested in any of these options please call the dealership**

We have also implemented procedures for employees and customers in the service and parts department, that include:


Gloves required for all employees handling service customer’s vehicle;
Sanitize and disinfect all major touchpoints on and in your car before and after we deliver the car back to you.
As we navigate this unique situation together, we want to assure you we will do everything to protect your health and safety with every transaction. 


Our Family Serving Your Family,

Tim Dahle Auto Group

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